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The DSG shares knowledge
and best practice for
global duck conservation

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Brazilian Merganser © Richard Hearn

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Input needed for 6th
review of global
Waterbird Population
Estimates and
flyway mapping

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Hartlaub's Ducks © Lars Petersson

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The DSG network supports global
conservation efforts for ducks

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AEWA Long-tailed Duck workshop © Sergey Dereliev

Welcome to the Duck Specialist Group

The Duck Specialist Group (DSG) is a global network of duck specialists affiliated to Wetlands International and the IUCN Species Survival Commission working on the monitoring, research, conservation and management of wild duck populations. The DSG network works to generate and disseminate knowledge and best practice between members and others with an interest in duck conservation and management, and to ensure priority issues for duck conservation are identified and addressed. It works closely with the Threatened Waterfowl Specialist Group, whose focus includes globally threatened duck species, the Waterbird Harvest Specialist Group, whose work includes issues related to the sustainable harvest of ducks, and the Species Monitoring Specialist Group, who work to stimulate and support biodiversity monitoring by all taxonomic Specialist Groups.

Latest news

Local conservation action leads to breeding success for Baer’s Pochard

Conservation measures carried out by Hengshui local government and nature reserve staff have created the conditions needed for Baer's Pochard to breed
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The Ambassador of Brazilian waters

The Critically Endangered Brazilian Merganser has been formally acknowledged as the symbol of the conservation of Brazilian waters
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Successful workshop on Baer’s Pochard held in Hengshui

A successful international workshop on Baer's Pochard conservation was recently held in Hengshui, China
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Decline in proportion of female Common Pochard

The results of the January 2016 assessment of the sex ratio in Common Pochard in Europe and North Africa are now available
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